Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hey hey kit in Store ....

Hi ahain , sitting here having a break and singing along to David Guetta with my stereo turned up. I've been busy with my Imbolc/Spring cleaning practically all day. But late afternoon I found myself putting a bottle of bleach instead of the milk back into the fridge-sure sign I could do with a break. Yeah , yeah...people have already been making comments and teasing me about this.I had comments from Matt, Myriam, Connie and Linda so far. At least I didn't put the bleach into my coffee.
And I'm jealous ! Matt and Nikki posted pictures of the snow in Fall River/MA , where they live- so nice ! It's been bloody freezing cold wind here today, and we even had a few small snowflakes coming down, I was hoping , but after 5 minutes it stopped. Julie said it was a Snow day also in Plymouth, and Scott who lives in Sanford /Maine complained about his little car not liking the weather.Looking on Edna's blog and I see more snow - please, I want some as well,lol.
I have my new kit Midnight Fantasies in Store now - plus free sampler as well.

And last I have a layout which I made for the little "Rink Rat" Lizzie with my Hockey Mad kit -here she is cheering her big brother Kevin on.
That's it again for now, I will carry on a while longer here, will have to smudge as well ,and then chat  with my friends over at the Wiccan Connection before I will fall into my bed.
So more music on while I clean ( ever danced with a mop in your hand?) and let's go.Here is " Happiness"

-Hugs Snowy

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smiekeltje said...

Oh dummy, bleach into the fridge LOL! Yeah, then it's definately time for a break.
Hey, stop with aasking for more snow!!!!! Because when you get it, surely it will come to us too and I DON'T WANT ANYMORE!
And dancing with a mop in the hand? I think it might have happened, or with something else, but yes, while busy in the house it happens at times. Makes it much more fun!
Have a great day