Thursday, January 20, 2011

Busy, busy,busy....

Ughh...hi, not sure what's up with Blogger today but it seems to be acting rather strange and wouldn't let me get on this page. It took me several tries.
I had a surprise this morning when I got up. Friend Ricky had been busy while I was asleep and changed "The Wiccan Connection" to a group with Group Chat room on Facebook. And made me one of the Admin team , so I have been busy there to post some things , chat with some other members and add new people to the group.
I have carried on a little with design though. This is the rather dark style kit I'm working on in the moment . Only in the beginner stages.
Working early shifts the past 2 days I don't get much done.I come home , tidy up a little , cook and then to bed early - but tomorrow I'll be back on late shift and can go back to my normal routine.
So in between Admin, work, doing my usual chores and cooking, designing .... yup, I'm definitely not bored ! And I'm not rushing , I'm not stressed ,lol- the days I was rushing are over. If it takes longer to get a kit ready then so be it. I'm enjoying myself , having fun chatting with the others, do what I have to do and that's it. And now it's time for one of these chores- washing up needs to be done. Already looking forward to my next days off work though so I can get busy with a few other craft projects.
Oh -Al asked only yesterday in the chat what videos we would like to see , a few of us said we wanted to learn to make our own bows. In only one day he now has ribbon and bow tutorials up for us - he just asked me what I think of it and if it's what I had in mind. Al- you're a star ! It shows everything in great detail , a real idiots guide -I love it !  You find it on Al's site
I'm off-hugs Snowy

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