Saturday, January 08, 2011

Last day off ...owwwwhhhh

Morning peeps, last day off today -so I'll make the most out of it. Tomorrow it's back to work on early shift. We had our Chat last night and as usual it was chaotic. I've been really good ,lol-but we all know how crazy it always gets when we meet up. And I wasn't the only one who had missed our little "get-togethers" on the web. We came up with some really good things-Downloads and plans until April are allocated , themes planned -and we talked about the future of the forum as well. But more about that at a later date-it's still very much a thing being thought about and might need some further talking about. Lol- I hope Miriam is not too tired this morning.It  was her first chat with us crazies -and it sure is a lot to take in , with us jumping from subject to subject or two going on at the same time. -----
This morning I have already been out at about 07.45am for a jog and legging it down to the Triangle market. So I deserve an extra big mug of coffee now,I think! Clare will be coming to visit this afternoon, so I'm looking forward to see her again after what seems a long time. She's at UNI and only comes back from time to time over weekends.
I baked the base of the cake yesterday, this morning I just have to finish off the Vanilla butter creme on top and some Cacao powder and Choc Chips sprinkled on.
With cooking, baking and chat I didn't get so much done yesterday , but I managed to get some more work done on that album.
Here is what I added. I placed a charm and glass pebble I found washed in by the waves on this page. And you can see the little bead charm on the wire I made in more detail.
For the Halloween pages on the haunted ship I added some funny ghost elements. 
And  some leaf bubble stickers ,plus green filigree leaves for the Leave fight page.
The Witch Night on the porch got some Stars in different colours .
And more Stars for the page where I'm chilling on the bed  while watching College Football
I'm really enjoying working with "real" materials again , instead of just digital.It makes a nice change, even though my fingers are full of glue and it gets pretty messy sometimes with paper bits and other things.
And now I will have to go into the kitchen and finish off that cake.....yummie.....
Have a great weekend ! Hugs

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