Thursday, January 27, 2011

I'm in business - Ravenwings Dreamcatcher Designs

Hi again - sorry , no scrapping stuff this time.I was busy with making the custom made Dreamcatcher. And guess what? I already had 2 definite more orders , plus another 2 possible orders -whoohooo !!!
Anatars , the Wiccan and Spiritual Store in town will also hang up my Dreamcatchers in the Store for sale. But the rate it's going in the moment I can't make them quick enough.
It takes me aprox. about 3 hours for each one, but I'm really happy that they seem to be such a success and people like them. I will have to get more supplies in, do a larger mail order -I'm running out of feathers already. Plus I really want to get some different and more colours in.
So what do you think? Cool, hey?

I did get another kit ready , but didn't have the time to put it into the Store yet. lol, cleaning the bathroom this morning Sammy came in to use the litter box. Holy crap ! This cat smells as if a rat has crawled up it's ass and died in there ! Must be a "man thing" , the two girls are not that bad. And let's face it - he can hardly spray the air freshener after he's finished. So there was me holding my nose ...poooohhhh....
Cheeky cat then decided to get comfortable on Shaun's Army Cadet stuff. Why do I bother putting down soft and warm blankets for him ? He barely uses them , but goes instead on fresh laundry (specially if they are still warm from ironing them !) and leaves his hairs on our nice black clothing. Telling him off does not work , he gives me one of his looks and flatters his eyes and I melt. Yeah, ok - who rules this house? It seems to be this cat .

Today is more Spring cleaning on my program -plus I need to get my altar done for Imbolc as well .I am getting questions regarding Erik from several readers. Erik is doing ok , he has been released from Rehab. My friends and myself are still sending healing to him , as we have been doing right from the start. But these things take time and considering the Doctors didn't know if he would make it the first week his progress is absofuckinglutely amazing ! lol-I've always said he's strong.  And now, as I'm writing this before going to bed I will say "good night and sweet dreams" with some music

Hugs Snowy

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