Monday, January 03, 2011

Disaster kid does it again !

Oh boy ! It really is amazing that I haven't got more grey hairs ! I must be getting used to all the disaster people in my life. Last night my accident prone son ended up in hospital in A&E again. You'll laugh if I tell you what happened - he fell over the coffee table ,lol. Big gash on his leg , knee swelling up like a balloon. Luckily he was able to tell it's nothing serious when he returned , but he phoned NHS Direct and the Nurse there advised him to go to the hospital to get it checked out just in case. So I got a phone call at work from him telling me he's on his way to the hospital. As I said , I must be getting used to it -I stayed amazingly calm,lol. Hmmmphh - men ! One thing is sure , Ladies- don't rely on them to keep you safe. You're off much better on your own that way -at least if you got those type in your life like I have.
For me it's night shifts tonight and tomorrow , so it will be nap time early evening to get me through the night. I didn't do much on the PC yesterday, instead I carried on stitching on that Lighthouse picture, and added a couple of basic pages in that album. The basic pages are done, now it's time to add the photos and different embellishments. I shall make some photos of each page so you can see.
But I did the Template for this month and this is my result.It was designed to experiment with different torn paper styles and pieces  in mind.

Plan for today- see if I can get my brain to cook up some more interesting challenges, and I want to try a recipe from my new Cook-book "Most wanted American recipes" .Let's see if I can do the Buffalo Sauce and marinade some chicken pieces with it.And let's see what Shaun thinks of that - he didn't like the Chowder. Time to tidy up now, switch on a machine of laundry and see what else needs doing , then my Pilates again - my bones are slowly getting used to it again. Some wake-up music , a catchy tune I sing along to,lol- Shaun hates it !
Have a great day -Hugs Snowy

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